E-Mobility Engineering 004 | Autumn 2019 | Lightning Strike motorcycle dossier l MagDev on Magnetics l Insulation focus l Solaris Urbino 18 l Hydrogen-powered vehicles insight l Tropos Motors ABLE-XR l Inverters focus

L ightning Motorcycles is an all-electric motorcycle manufacturer that produces the LS-218 ‘superbike’ and the more affordable Strike, which is pitched head-on against gasoline-powered alternatives. Founder of the San Jose, California company Richard Hatfield says, “The 218 was designed to survive extreme conditions such as racing flat-out around a track, and it was way over-engineered for what is typically needed for a production motorcycle; that is reflected in the $70,000 price tag for the top-performing R model. We needed something more accessible to take the fight to ICE-powered road machines.” Describing the concept for the Strike, he says, “At a given performance level, the reliability inherent in the simplicity of an electric powertrain, as well as its quietness along with significantly reduced running costs, make it a very attractive prospect. However, electric motorcycles are not without their challenges – the biggest one being packaging. The e-drive system, the energy store and the control systems must suit the shape of a human rider, and they must be able to operate all the controls safely and comfortably. “Although the frontal area of a motorcycle is relatively small compared to a car, the aerodynamic drag per unit of area is significantly more, and the aerodynamic efficiency of a vehicle heavily influences its range. For that reason, the Strike is a sports bike with a full aerodynamic fairing. Road runner Stewart Mitchell explains how this road-going machine was developed to take on the ICE competition – at a competitive price The Lightning Strike is a sports bike with a full aerodynamic fairing (Photos: Stewart Mitchell) 22 Autumn 2019 | E-Mobility Engineering